How soon will my order be delivered after placing an order?
Delivery will be done within two to three weeks from date of purchase. Our team will be in contact to arrange for delivery. 

What are your delivery charges like?
We charge a fee of $64.20 ($60.00 + GST) for delivery to a single location. We offer FREE shipping for orders above $600.00.

What are your delivery timings like?
We do deliveries from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays) between 10 AM and 5 PM. Our team will be in contact to arrange for delivery.

Can I self-collect my order to avoid incurring delivery charges?
Yes! Please opt for self-collection during checkout and our team will be in contact with you once your order is ready for collection.

Do I have to assemble the chairs myself?
All chairs will come fully-assembled and no assembly is required.

I would very much like to purchase a model that is not listed on your store yet. Can I do so?
Yes! We are still working to include more models to be purchased online. If you would like to purchase a model that you like from our website but is not available on our web store yet, please contact us at shop@benel.com.sg and we will be glad to help.