Mov Pouffe - Citrine/Amazon

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Pouffes can only be delivered 4 weeks after Circuit Breaker ends. We can still deliver chairs during this period!

The eye candy in any setting.

The Mov pouffe lightens the mood and adds a dash of fun to any place you desire. With a profile made up of clean, crisp lines, it is bound to be the eye candy of any setting.


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Colours Mov Pouffe - Amazon/Gravel     Mov Pouffe - Citrine/Amazon    Mov Pouffe - Citrine/Ash    Mov Pouffe - Ruby/Gravel    Mov Pouffe - Ruby/Sunset    Mov Pouffe -Sunset/Gravel    Mov Pouffe - Turquoise/Ash    Mov Pouffe - Turquoise/Sapphire
Upholstery Type - Upholstered in High Quality Fabric
Cushion - High Density Foam
Dimensions Mov Pouffe Tech Spec
3 years warranty against manufacturing defects excluding upholstery materials


*Colours may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings. Colours can be verified by requesting for fabric swatches from Benel Singapore.